2017 New Lifetime Movies – Sixteen and Pregnant – Based on a True Story

The new girl in town is 16-year-old Jacey Jeffries (Danielle Panabaker), who lives with her divorced mother, Terry (Mercedes Ruehl), and her two siblings. A popular and highly intelligent student, not to mention a talented athlete, Jacey nonetheless appears to be harboring a private, profound sadness — or at least that’s the perception of her high-college guidance counselor, Donna Cooper (Jane Krakowski). Eventually Donna figures out the truth behind Jacey’s melancholia: her baby “brother” Charlie is really her personal son, born out of wedlock and raised by Jacey’s overbearing mother in a misguided effort to shield her daughter from disgrace. Upon discovering Jacey’s secret, Donna takes a special interest in the girl’s welfare — an interest undoubtedly fueled by the reality that Donna herself is unable to have kids. The scenes taking place in the sex-education class have an air of reality typically lacking in made-for-Television films, due to the truth that the young actors playing the students had been encouraged to improvise their dialogue.

Petershagen Lahde – Klostermühle 02
As a particular location of interest of Westphalian Mill street there is in Lahde the combined windmill and water mill known as &quotKlostermühle&quot.

The required energy can be won with the wings of the windmill or with a turbine from the water, from this type there is only an other functioning mill in Germany.

The &quotKlostermühle&quot stands in already 1292 mentioned as mill location.

In 1876 the two-storied gallery Dutchman was established. The mill creating established from bricks is plastered in the exposed side. The mill creating has a massive foundation for the waterwheel impulse in the basement.
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Ever had a specific practice member that created an impact on your workplace and your heart?  Properly, I’ve had a lot of of them over the years, but 1 comes to mind nowadays.  I’ll alter the name for privacy causes, so let’s say his name was Jonathan Brane.
Jonathan was a young, African American boy with Sickle Cell Anemia.  He came to me as a referral and when he entered my office he was weak, grey in colour, and his parents the escorted him had all but offered up on bettering his condition.  Pallis Chiropractic was basically his final resort.  I began seeing Jonathan every single single day (yes even on the weekends…that’s how committed to my individuals I was) for weeks straight.  He was seeing great improvements, and was receiving to know my household nicely in the approach.  It was like he was my own kid and it was my duty to bring wellness back to him so he stood a living likelihood.  Well, it was my duty.  Most chiropractor individuals do not understand the duty they have to society, but that’s for an additional time…
One day, Jonathan was hospitalized when his disease once again broke out terribly.  I was crushed.  All that function and the improvements…and he still gets sick?  I brought my daughter into the hospital to check out him each night following adjusting hours and to show his gratitude, Jonathan gave her a pair of hockey gloves that she later went on to play with for years and years, often pondering of him as she stepped onto the ice.  Just goes to show how unique relationships can really be.  But back to Jonathan and his condition…his time spent in the hosptial was shorter than ever.  He recovered more quickly than ever.
He was back in the workplace just before I knew it. My adjustments place life and health back into his body and spirit and every time he was hospitalized thereafter got shorter and shorter in duration, and the frequency decreased considerably.  Now he goes YEARS without having an outbreak!  All because I constructed a lasting partnership with him and put forth the added effort to achieve his trust.  He would have in no way stayed with me if I only saw him like a normal patient, and who’s to say if he’d still be living?
It really is just one thing to consider about…building relationships that go beyond the office walls into a magical, meaningful location are the key to your accomplishment as a wellness DC.  You are going to get referral following referral, which implies new patients, all for putting a small additional effort into how you treat your practice members.  I built my entire practice on referrals from patients I had designed a special bond with.  Just picture if you could do this with even just a fraction of your existing members….

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  1. Is really good and bad because they get to give the baby to another family and the good thing is that they get to live happy ever after has a big family.

  2. Okay so. The two couple were gonna have a baby boy but the mom that was gonna give the boy away  canceled at giving it away at the last minute. She already chose the couple too. THEN when Jacey met the girl teacher Mrs. Cooper said tat they were gonna adopt a boy but the mom canceled at the last minute. Was Charlie suppose to go to the couple but then Jacey canceled? Then at the end of the movie they finally got the boy that they were gonna get but didn’t?!! BOOM.

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