2011-12-25 Fairy Tale SNSD

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Closed Door – Alcazaba de Malaga
I went to the Alcazaba of Malaga in the afternoon. To my delight, there weren’t many visitors, and the entrance charge was a mere .60EUR with a pupil card.

I was absorbed in the environment of this location. It wasn’t crowded like Alhambra, neither was it that nicely-polished, and possibly due to the fact of this, it felt much more like a spot still alive from the previous. Strolling its rugged grounds, I could virtually picture a soldier or two patrolling within the walls.

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  1. OMG, I am a fan of snsd since 2013 and my ultimate bias is Yuri and I haven’t see this clip. Yuri and Seohyun duet is the best. Love them all.

  2. They’re English accents are so adorable, well except for Tiffany and Jessica of course who have none. Taeyeon did really great with her English.

  3. Amazing to see "manly army men" freak out and scream to the sight of snsd lol they threw their manliness out the door and into a lake XD

  4. due to copyright issue most of the videos that I uploaded are either
    blocked worldwide or taken down, I uploaded more unlisted videos. so if
    you have some videos wanted to watch just DM me. Maybe this video will
    be blocked as well coz got notice already.

    i’m sorry got 2 strike already don’t want to lost my acct and even my
    dailymotion acct some videos are taken down as well. if any of you know
    the best hosting site to upload the videos let me know.

  5. No one slays Christmas like the nations girl group. Please watch Jessica’s wonderland too. It’s a Christmas wintery feel

  6. The army men shouted "Dont cry! " but i am crying while watching private kim pyung gi hugging his mom and siblings???

  7. Let’s take a moment of silent to breath and pick our hearts to the ground after those wow solo performances. ?❤ #snsd #happy10thyearanniversary #Queens. ???????????

  8. OMG Guys, I see so many people here, who chose to watch this show every Christmas. It’s my tradition too. EVERY YEAR. Because it’s so lovely and brilliant. Merry Christmas!

  9. Wow this is the first time I saw this video. thank you. I’m a new fan that’s why i’m trying to catch up all the old videos, variety, etc. of them. ?

  10. thằng nào bảo snsd pttm vào mà nom kĩ lại nhá. những ảnh tụi bây tung ra chẳng qua là trong 100 cái ms có đk cái xấu của tụi nó thui

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