1st Squad, 3rd Platoon

In August 2005, Marine Lance Cpl. Travis Williams and his squad were sent on a rescue mission in Barwanah, Iraq. En route, their automobile was hit by a roadside bomb. Of Travis’ complete 12-particular person group, he alone survived. Right here, Travis reflects on the hours and days soon after the explosion, as effectively as his life now, and pays tribute to the males he left behind.

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Directed by: The Rauch Brothers
Art Path: Bill Wray
Producers: Lizzie Jacobs, Maya Millett & Mike Rauch
Animation: Tim Rauch
Audio Produced by: Yasmina Guerda & Nadia Reiman
Supervising Sound Recordist: Jorge Rojas

Music (Open): Fredrik
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The final active-duty Air Force pilot to fly the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, Lt. Col. Ron &quotElvis&quot King of the 82nd Aerial Target Squadron led the final military flight of the storied aircraft at Holloman AFB, N.M., Dec. 20, 2016. The F-4 Phantom II entered the U.S. Air Force inventory in 1963 and was the main multi-function aircraft in the USAF all through the 1960s and 1970s. The F-four flew bombing, combat air patrol, fighter escort, reconnaissance and the renowned Wild Weasel anti-aircraft missile suppression missions. The final variant of the Phantom II was the QF-four unmanned aerial targets flown by the 82nd at Holloman AFB. (U.S. Air Force photo by J.M. Eddins Jr.)
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50 thoughts on “1st Squad, 3rd Platoon”

  1. Wars…. Sick Game of Rich Bastards with Vested Interests on someone else’s Land…

    Why do we even need Soldiers??

  2. I remember seeing this on Memorial Day a few years back. Can’t stop tearing up when I come back to it. Lest we forget. Thank you soldiers.

  3. Every time I see this video, it makes me just shake, I get goosebumps, a brotherhood I will remember forever Semper Fi

  4. You can hear him on the verge of crying during this entire story. That makes it even more indefinitely sad.

  5. you can find this guy on facebook. I suggest you don’t – this film is a much better representation (especially the ending) of how things could be…

  6. Dam that really has to suck makes me sad that ur whole platoon squad is just wiped out by one single bomb and your the only one left dont worry were there for you I haopend to be interested in the army when I get older I’m already in a army program called cival air patrol and yes I’m aware of the risk that I am doing and I’m willing to do anything to serve my country no matter what I face thanks for your service

  7. War is a terrible thing. Powerful people start arguing and they use their power. Innocent people can’t do anything about it. But someone has to deal with shit. That’s why Rememberence Day (11 November) is a thing. It’s to remember people who fight against what is too powerful, and some succeed, some don’t. And most of them all die doing it. Being in armed forces is dangerous, and sometimes we think it is suicidal. But , like before, shit happens, someone has to deal with it. And if you don’t look up to soldiers, or maybe just brave people themselves who faced death for a loved one, you’re no different to a terrorist, and you’re bombing all hope for your country or team that might, just might, succeed. #RememberTheFallen #WorldPeace

  8. They will be honored and remembered for there brave souls to go to battle and fight for us. There death will be remembered as a heroic death. They died fight for us we’ll do them a favor in return for them fighting for us. Good luck to our troops that are in patrol right now and honor for all the ones that fought and died for us.

  9. "America’s Warriors have always stepped up to the plate for our freedoms and liberties and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice and some have survived to endure worse. HONOR THEM, RESPECT THEM, LOVE THEM & NEVER FORGET THEM! I salute you all!" Sparrow Six-Five!

  10. this reminds me of story one of my substitute teachers told my class. in vietnam, he was good friends with everybody in his platoon. he was getting ready for a mission when someone told him that he was staying at the base. he later learned that everyone in his platoon who was in the helicopter (where he thought he was supposed to go) had been killed by being shot down

  11. *sigh, crys* that’s wat I’m going through rn, bit my friends aren’t dead, well….they r, but not from me, I literally cried watching this and my girlfriend sent me this bcuz she asked me wat if she was to die

  12. Oh pffff! This story gets me shedding tears. It’s harder to listen than reading facts from the news. Even tougher when told by the only guy who survived his squad. I guess his voice breaking gets us "into it". Losing friends, relatives in accidents or illnesses is already tough, but losing comrades in such circumstances – and Oh God how many of young Americans have experienced inhumane deaths in those stupid places – must be horrendous. How could those survivors fit in our society after living a fucked-up life?! My deepest respects to all veterans.

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