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It was early on Christmas morning when tiny Tommy awoke, outside it was nevertheless dark but the moon was up and thru the window the snow glistened like tiny diamonds.

There was a star shining brightly in the east, significantly far more brightly than all the others. Its light shone through a crystal suspended in Tommy’s window which focused its beam on to a single of the several presents beneath the Christmas tree that he was in a position to see by means of the doorway of his bedroom.

“What may well it be?” Tommy wondered, it was all wrapped in quite Christmas paper with a large red bow round it. Tommy looked in amazement he could kind of make out a shape in amongst the wrappings.

“What is it?” he thought to himself. Even though he was only 3 he knew he shouldn’t open the presents till Mommy or Daddy was there.

By now he was just so excited, and like a great numerous other youngsters also awake early on this Christmas morning, he ran to Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, shouting as he ran



He’s been! he’s been! Rapid! Come and see.

Well by this time Mommy and Daddy have been wide awake, Daddy looked the clock, and even though it was only 5.00am, he figured he in all probability wasn’t going to get any far more sleep till the presents had been opened.

Mommy and Daddy went into the family members area, Tommy had run on ahead in his excitement. Daddy stoked up the fire and place another log on to heat the spot up, it was relatively chilly, the fire had died down in the course of the night.

Mommy walked in to the kitchen and made a hot drink for all of them, when she returned to the family members room the fire was burning brightly.

Tommy said “Mommy! Daddy! can I open it?”, which means the present with the giant red bow.

“Properly” says Daddy, “let’s see who it really is for”, so reading the label on the present it says “Merry Christmas to Tommy with considerably adore from Grandma”

This brought tears to Mommy and Daddy’s eyes as Tommy’s Grandma had sadly passed away just a month ago.

Grandma did not get to see the appear of pleasure in Tommy’s eyes or hear the shouts of excitement when Tommy opened the present revealing the rocking horse that she had lovingly constructed from one particular of Grandpa’s rocking horse plans.

Grandma had taken up woodwork as a hobby when her husband of a lot of years sadly passed away only 12 months ago. She could not bring herself to throw away his woodworking tools.

There is nevertheless time to build a rocking horse from rocking horse plans for your youngster or grandchild or maybe a buddy’s kid. Woodworking is a hobby everyone can appreciate.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, may possibly peace and really like fill your hearts.

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  1. I distinctly remembered the "12 days of Christmas" section, and I am SO glad to see it after all these years!
    "These birds are driving me CRA-ZYYYY!" XD

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