ten Untold Backstage WWE Stories Unveiled By Wrestlers

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Garry “Reride” Miller – Barrelman – Parada del Sol Rodeo
This is Gary &quotRe-ride&quot Miller functioning as the Barrelman.

&quotIn addition to the judges and at least one mounted pickup guy who could rope the bull after the ride to escort it to the exit gate, 3 security pros operate in the arena throughout the bull riding: two extremely qualified but at times zanily costumed bullfighters and perhaps a barrelman. As quickly as a rider is bucked off or dismounts, 1 bullfighter tries to distract the bull and get him moving towards the exit, although the other bullfighter may step in between the bull and the downed cowboy to safeguard him. If the bull is determined to charge some thing, the barrelman tries to draw his interest to the barrel.&quot 2009 PRCA ProRodeo Official Program

These barrels are a stability in between on 1 hand becoming light ample so that the barrelman can run around with it and on the other hand becoming strong ample and padded sufficient to shield the barrelman. These barrels can take some fairly vicious dents from these bulls. Think about sitting in a metal garbage can with some foam wrapped about it although a truck hits it – that will give you a truly feel for that the barrelman endures.

The Parada del Sol Rodeo is held yearly in the Equidome at Westworld in Scottsdale. The 56th Annual Parada del Sol Rodeo was a Skilled Rodeo Cowboys Association ( PRCA ) Sanctioned Rodeo. Every functionality consisted of bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, staff roping, tie-down roping, barrel racing, steer wrestling and bull riding.

Sadly, I add this information
[edit] sports.espn.go.com/rodeo/standard/information/story?id=4376971
PRCA information and notes: Aug. 4, 2009
Courtesy PRCA

PRCA rodeo clown Garry Miller dies at 59
PRCA rodeo clown Garry (ReRide) Miller, of Laveen, Ariz., died of a heart attack July twenty at age 59. His funeral support will be Aug. 4 at two p.m. (PT) at Parkway Christian Church, 14787 N. Cholla St., Shock, Ariz.

Miller became a PRCA member in 2003 and worked a variety of rodeos in the Southwest, like the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Jaycees Parada del Sol.[finish edit]

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56 thoughts on “10 Untold Backstage WWE Stories Unveiled By Wrestlers”

  1. Triple H had no business stopping the match. He of all people should know what’s up on high risk and still performing.

  2. Thank fuck shield had balls to tell cena too fuck off if they had of lost to him would of been another bs nxt kill off

  3. I love Jericho but damn he runs his mouth about lots of stuff someone needs to tell him that some things you keep to yourself.

  4. That whole Danile Bryan thing just made me think " i want to send this to people who think wwe is 100% fake"

  5. cm punk is such a arrogant crybaby, my word every time we see this clown hes got tears streaming down his face bitching about some dumb shit, so glad he got what he deserved on ufc

  6. Triple h was right stopping the match if Daniel doesn’t even know what’s wrong with himself triple h was just trying to protect his investment

  7. I remember seeing Edge down in Cleveland all pro wrestling back in 1996 or 1997 (called himself Sexton Hardcastle. I didn’t know he was already signed to WWE….

  8. I love these rodeo clowns… they have more moxie to them than most have or will ever have. great capture here again!

  9. LOL 00:16:13 "Japan. Cool. Sold. more experience awesome. Working with guys that can’t speak english. There is going to be more experience." 00:16:13

  10. 13:45 Daniel Bryan (5’10") really going Nose to Nose with Triple H (6’4")! …Daniel, you totally missed the joke!!!

  11. Remember the headshot s in 99. I laughed my ass off when i was a kid. But i rewatch that now today and i realize that Foley has a pair of balls the size of grapefruits for dealin with those shots. Fuckin hell what durability

  12. (*Randy Orton to Daniel) 12:42 : "DAN! DAN! WHAT’S GOING ON? DAN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Man that impersonation killed me 😀

  13. The egg came first Chick Magnet (that’s what CM really stands for) Punk as reptiles came around before chickens and reptiles lay eggs. So there you go people the egg came before the chicken

  14. Fun fact and this is something I looked up on Google when I was thinking about moving to Canada;
    Chris Jericho crew up in Winnapaug Canada; Common fact.
    What people don’t know–or some do– is that Winnapaug’s crime rate is twice as bad and worse than Compton California.
    This means that Chris is a tough kid who won’t be plunked out by ANYBODY once he is threatened

  15. #10 Proving what I’ve always said, the Rock is a piece of shit, who believes his own hype. I’m sure some wrestler must have thought of doing this but if not, I wish that one will do it, if and when he comes back. When he starts in on his 20 year old catch phrases and asks, you know what the Rock says, the Rock says, cut him off right there and say STFU, your name is Dwayne. Now, can we pretend you already said all your 15 – 20 year old catch phrases so you can fuck off for an other 5 or 10 years, please.

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