10 Creepiest Accurate Stories Ever Told

From the mysterious disappearance of Elisa Lam, to the Congelier mansion, we count down 10 Of The Creepiest Accurate Stories Ever Told.

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This video shows the ten Creepiest Accurate Stories Ever Told.

Dorris Turner
Interviewee for the Secret History of American River Men and women project
By Wes Modes on 2016-07-22 15:58:04

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50 thoughts on “10 Creepiest Accurate Stories Ever Told”

  1. AZ 3tv just shared the sketch of the doodler claiming they found the bodies of dead women on his property, nothing about the murders of homosexual men was mentioned

  2. No 8 ,the footage had been tempered by killer or killers and who has access to those footage, hotel staff

  3. The body at the Crippin (sp) house was later determined not to be Bella’s. To my knowledge, she was never found.

  4. Why is it that God made us all for a purpose? Did he create people who will go astray/?/ since he knows everything about us??? Didn’t he know Eve was gonna betray him and cause the World we are living in??? I’m a devout Christian. I’m having a hard time understanding his creation. YES I KNOW HE KNOWS HOW MANY HAIRS WE HAVE IN OUR HEAD!!!

  5. i don’t buy autopsy reports when a body has been submerged in water for a decent amount of time… it dilutes substances away in my opinion

  6. She was hallucinating on a crystalline compound similar to lysergic acid diethylamide when she drown. 2b-C, a designer drug has been known to heat up the internal body temperature so it’s most likely she was looking for a rooftop pool to cool off.

  7. You can’t know the scariest stories of all time unless you personally interview everyone who has ever lived.

  8. I love paranormal evidence videos and top 10 paranormal activity caught on camera and stuff like this and I’m 8 my mom even lets me watch this stuff

  9. No.4 are police sketches of The Original Night Stalker. The Doodler was in fact black according to witnesses.

  10. I didn’t believe in any of this shit till it happened to me. my boyfriend invited a spirit to our house, but it knocked on the front window, opened the front door three times, (locked) and he woke up with three claw marks down his back. I’m a believer now

  11. Ummm so thanks for not showing a bunch of creepy photos along with this! And also thanks for not reading it in a really creepy voice…I could actually watch the video, not just listen haha

  12. There is nothing "odd" about Elisa Lam, when you actually tell the whole story, that she had mental illness that had become worsened and was prescribed meds but refused to take them. Trying to claim that an irrational person isn’t actual ration as "strange" is absurd. Scary? Perhaps. Unexplained or "creepy"? No. Hallucinations and delusions can make even the brightest do stupid things.

  13. Winchester read the book its bullshit the house had earthquake damage and did not get repairs…..

  14. Imagine that finding out that the water at the hotel tasted bad cuz they just got done drinking Alyssa lam

  15. Take Your Graphics Off! (LOGO)

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