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At Ross Castle/Lough Leane/Killarney Nationwide Park/County Kerry/Republic of Ireland
From Ireland Assortment

Ross Castle (Irish: Caisleán an Rois) is the ancestral property of the O’Donoghue clan. It is found on the edge of Lough Leane, in Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland.

Ross Castle was built in the late 1400s by nearby ruling clan the O’Donoghues, even though ownership changed hands throughout the Desmond Rebellion of the 1580s. The castle was amongst the final to surrender to Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads during the Irish Confederate Wars, and was only taken when artillery was brought by boat through the River Laune.

The castle is standard of strongholds of Irish chieftains built in the course of the middle ages. The tower residence had square bartizans on diagonally opposite corners and a thick finish wall. The tower was originally surrounded by a square bawn defended by round corner towers on every finish.

There is a legend that O’Donoghue leaped or was sucked out of the window of the grand chamber at the leading of the castle and disappeared into the waters of the lake along with his horse, his table and his library. It is said that O’Donoghue now lives in a excellent palace at the bottom of the lake in which he keeps a shut eye on every thing that he sees.
By bill barber on 2008-08-15 08:16:20

Nobody could make a sandwich famous like Elvis Presley could. In truth, Elvis created a whole lot of things popular – peanut and banana sandwiches (not the sandwich in query), pink Cadillacs, etc. Being the King, and generous to a fault, Elvis liked to share the issues he loved with the people he invested time with. What follows is a tale that demonstrates this truth to the severe.

It was February 1976, and Elvis was hanging out at Graceland with Captain Jerry Kennedy, member of the Denver police, Ron Pietrafeso, leader of Colorado’s Strike Force Towards Crime, plus a couple of his other buddies. They were hanging out in the “jungle area” – a room decorated with Tiki-sort equipment, a huge waterfall, and rabbit-fur pillows.

Elvis sat in his Kon Tiki throne as he talked with his guests. Since two of the fellows were from Colorado, Elvis informed them about a visit he’d had in Colorado on 1 of his tours. After a concert he went to a restaurant named The Colorado Mine Business, exactly where he ordered the most outrageous factor on the menu – a $ 49.95 sandwich referred to as the Fool’s Gold Loaf.

The Mine Business (named soon after the fact that Colorado mined for gold, silver, and other treasured metals) was a really common dining attraction and social hub. It would have been a coup for such a place to have The King pay a visit to right after a single of his concerts, and they would have delighted in his ordering the property unique.

And unique it was. The recipe for the Fool’s Gold Loaf is as follows: take a loaf of bread and fairly significantly coat it in butter or margarine. Toast it up in the oven, and whilst you are at it fry up a entire pound of bacon. Pull the “guts” out of the bread (hollow out the soft stuff) and slather a entire jar’s really worth peanut butter AND a whole jar’s worth of grape jelly into the cavity of the bread. Take the freshly-crisped up bacon and stick it in there too. Close up the loaf, slice it up, and eat it. 

This was the sandwich Elvis advised his visitors about that February night at Graceland. Both Colorado natives were fascinated. They’d never had this costly sandwich just before. And the way Elvis talked about it manufactured it sound pretty great. One of the guys exclaimed that he certain would like to attempt a sandwich like that, and Elvis jumped into action.

Subsequent point you knew, they had been all on their way to the Memphis airport the place the Lisa Marie, Elvis’s personal jet, was waiting. Someone named head to the Colorado Mine Firm to let them know that they essential a takeout purchase ready inside of the two hours it took to get from Memphis to Denver. The proprietors of the Mine Organization hopped into action, and thanked heaven they had lately stocked up on PB &ampJ. They got the takeout buy – 21 Fool’s Gold Loaves, a case of Perrier, and a case of champagne – delivered to the airport hangar in the nick of time. 

Elvis and his buddies dined on the not-so-healthy sandwiches (Elvis manufactured sure to purchase ample for each pilots and invited these pilots to pig out with them) and flew back to Memphis appropriate away, bellies full with very a story to tell in the morning.

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  1. It does look like an Impressionist painting! Great work Bill. I love the story. Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. You amaze me from all your trip how much treasure you bring back, Great work Bill! have a great weekend friend:-)

  3. Very artistic shot, Bill!!!! Interesting information, as well!!!!

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  4. It reminds me of a tapestry done in needlepoint. Beautiful, Bill !
    Have a fun weekend !

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  6. …Bill, this is terrific…excellent capture, my friend, and I love the history you’ve provided. Have a terrific weekend. :~}

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  8. excellent composition and treatment Bill. very nicely done

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